Smash follows a concept of healthy natural casual food, from breakfast to dinner.

Think global/ buy local

This vision comes to life every day by combining international flavors with the best Hass Avocados Colombia has to offer.

Smash has been

accompanied by its passion for people, food, and planet Earth, to achieve the goal of bringing to the table fresh and healthy ingredients.



Smash was born from the dream of two brothers, passionate about food and healthy living, who wanted to create a place where everyone could come together to share a unique yet informal culinary experience.


The most awarded Colombian brewery in the world.

The BBC warehouse is ideal for enjoying a great beer with friends, as a couple, or even alone.

Here you can find a menu for snacks, cocktails, and different presentations of our beers to enjoy in the cellar or to take away, as well as a pleasant atmosphere, good music, and games. Dare to live the BBC experience!

Artisanal is quality before quantity.

We make our beers in small batches to take care of the process and always have the best result.

We do not use any substitute material in the process; we only use natural ingredients. We do not use stabilizers, antioxidants, clarifying agents, or colorants.

We reinterpret the recipes with new combinations of ingredients, and thus we manage to exalt unique characteristics.

The variety is chosen by you.

Innovation is part of our DNA; we experiment with types, flavors, appearance, aromas, ingredients, and processes with our house or seasonal beers.